Cooking, Canning & Preservation

 Ball complete Book of Home Preserving;  This is the canning bible.  Everyone should have this one and use it frequently.



This book is some of my 2010 summer reading.  I am really enjoying it, because Solomon focuses on non-square foot gardening, and how to garden successfully without a lot of imputs (e.g., fertilizer, water, etc.).  I am particularly enjoying the discussions of what is “good soil” and how big plants grow under the ground.  Some of them have HUGE root systems, at least as big as what you see above the ground, if not larger.  Solomon says that plants should be spaced such that their roots don’t touch too much, so that the plants don’t interfere with each other, and so that each plant is able to get enough water and nutrients from the soil associated with its root system.  I am thinking that I may change a number of my gardening practices over the next year or so.  As I do, I’ll blog about it, so you’ll know what I change and why.

Sustainability & Preparedness



 Independence Days: A Guide to Sustainable Food Storage and Preservation by Sharon Astyk;   This is a really great resource.  Sharon explains and demonstrates the “Independence Days” philosophy and how we can change our ways of living to become more independent.


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