Opening Day: Farmer's Market

 Today (Saturday) was the opening day at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market.   Husband and I were very happy to be there. “Where are all the vegetables?” he asked. “Growing,” I said. The only thing there were starts, a few herbs, a little lettuce, and asparagus.  We bought enough asparagus so that I can pickle it, and we can have some for diner tonight.   We also picked up a small steak, from a local grower.  That will make a tasty diner tonight.  

 I picked up three rosemary starts, sage, and lemon verbena from the this guy below.

What's for sale?

  All made it into the garden at lunch time.  The rosemary is in a big pot, with a self-watering jug.  The sage and lemon verbena are in the middle gargen box, with the chives. 

Rosemary Starts

I spent a good deal of time weeding the garden.  It seems that none of the carrots have come up, so I reseeded them.  I had made home-made seed mats with my seed this year.  They were easy to plant, but it seems that really tiny seeds didn’t work so well.  Larger seeds, especially radishes, sprouted easily.  So, I added some more radishes, reseeded the carrots (three types), dinosaur kale, and swiss chard, and gave everything a good sprinkle.  Radishes are interplanted with the fava beans and with the carrots.  

The fava beans are up and standing strong!


The first potato sprouts.