Farmer's Market

I got a lot done in the garden this past weekend.  And a little in the kitchen.  See below:

Plant Something:  Well, I actually planted my gardens back in late March, when we were having some great warm weather.  I had made home-made seed mats, à la Little House in the Suburbs. Unfortunately, only some of my seeds came up. I found that large seeds (e.g., radishes, beets, chard) worked well, but I must have used too much glue for really tinny seeds (e.g., carrots and lettuce).  So, I replanted the carrots and lettuce.  I also added the last of my chard seeds.  Unfortunately, before I did the replanting, I had some major weeding to do.  When I first planted, I mulched heavily with straw.  Straw is great, but it contains a lot of wheat seeds that germinate very quickly when wet.  Things seemed fine, at first, but then after a while, nothing but radishes seemed to be coming up.  So I removed the straw.  Lots of little wheat sprouts covered all of the soil, so I have spent the last several days carefully removing the straw.  I have some straw from last year, that is sort of rotted.  I might try mulching with that this summer, to help hold in moisture.

Harvest Something: nothing this week.

Waste Not: cleaned out some unused clothing for Good Will.  A lot of weeds and veggie scraps from the kitchen went into the composter.

Prep/Want Not: I pickled asparagus that I purchased at the farmer’s market.  I used the recipe in Well Preserved: Small Batch Preserving for the New Cook by Mary Anne Dragan.  It was very easy, and you use up most of the asparagus.  We are waiting a week for the flavors to meld, before we try it.  If we like it, I will make lots more while asparagus is in season.  It would make a neet Christmas gift.

Build Community Food Systems: Well, we went to opening day of the farmer’s market, and purchased all of what we needed for diner than night.  Also, I purchased the aforementioned asparagus.

Eat the Food:  Ate the locally grown asparagus from the farmer’s market for diner, and also pickled some of it as above.  The steak we bought at the farmer’s market was also locally grown.  Boy, was it tasty.  Unfortunately, it was more expensive than if we had purchased it at Whole Foods.  Maybe we can work out some bulk purchase deal?


Opening Day: Farmer's Market

 Today (Saturday) was the opening day at the Overland Park Farmer’s Market.   Husband and I were very happy to be there. “Where are all the vegetables?” he asked. “Growing,” I said. The only thing there were starts, a few herbs, a little lettuce, and asparagus.  We bought enough asparagus so that I can pickle it, and we can have some for diner tonight.   We also picked up a small steak, from a local grower.  That will make a tasty diner tonight.  

 I picked up three rosemary starts, sage, and lemon verbena from the this guy below.

What's for sale?

  All made it into the garden at lunch time.  The rosemary is in a big pot, with a self-watering jug.  The sage and lemon verbena are in the middle gargen box, with the chives. 

Rosemary Starts

I spent a good deal of time weeding the garden.  It seems that none of the carrots have come up, so I reseeded them.  I had made home-made seed mats with my seed this year.  They were easy to plant, but it seems that really tiny seeds didn’t work so well.  Larger seeds, especially radishes, sprouted easily.  So, I added some more radishes, reseeded the carrots (three types), dinosaur kale, and swiss chard, and gave everything a good sprinkle.  Radishes are interplanted with the fava beans and with the carrots.  

The fava beans are up and standing strong!


The first potato sprouts.