Dear Gentle Reader,

I am still here.  It seems that I have busy with life, work, finances, and avoiding the hot weather.  But, now that it is cool, I need to get back into the garden.  So, tomorrow, I am going to get back out there and do a little Fall clean up and plant shallots.  Since I didn’t have much luck with garlic (it was puny), I decided to try shallots.  I like them better than garlic, and shallots are expensive.  So it might be worth the effort.  I am going to read up on them tomorrow morning.  I want to make sure I do a good job this time.

I have decided that my grow boxes aren’t what I want.  They seriously limit your space.  I suppose that if you didn’t have much space to begin with, they would be a good thing.  But otherwise, maybe not.  I am definitely not going to grow tomatoes in self watering containers.  Next year, those are going to have only herbs in them.

In any case, I am getting back into the garden.  I will take pictures and post how things go tomorrow.