Dear Gentle Reader,

I still haven’t been in the garden too much.  We have fluctuated between too hot and not too hot, and on the days when it has been not too hot I have had too many other things that I had to do instead.  For example, the last several weekends have been taken up with (not in any particular order) taking my 16-year old DD shopping for new school clothes, supplies and Lord knows what else, clearing out all of our furniture and “stuff” from our self-storage unit, moving the furniture and stuff to our basement and/or my office, cleaning out and organizing the basement (this has taken several weekends and we are still not done), getting my car fixed, starting a fitness program with a personal trainer, grocery shopping and cooking when my DH is ill, and who knows what else.   The basement was full of about three families-worth of stuff, so our stuff wan’t going down there until a lot came out.  It was so full, you could hardly squeeze yourself between and/or around the stacks of boxes.  We got rid of so much furniture and all, that the neighbors across the street probably thought we were moving out.  But then we brought in more furniture.  So… were we moving in?  They have lived in that house only a few weeks, so it must have been confusing to watch.

Quite honestly, with so much going on in my life, I haven’t really felt like getting out there in the back yard, even though it might have been one of those not too hot days.

In any case, here are some good things that I have been doing:

I started working with a personal trainer.  It was either do this or get my stomach stapled.  Since I am not partial to re-routed plumbing, I went the trainer route.  It has been a month, and I have seen some important improvements.  For example, I can walk a really long way, my back is much better, my knees are better, my arms are stronger, and my clothes are not too tight.  I’m feeling like I won’t end up being a decrepit old lady who drives her family crazy with complaining (if I keep this good work up). 

Since we have cleaned out the basement, I have had room to set up my “sewing room,” which consists of a couple of tables and several sewing machines.  I still have a lot of work on that, but pretty soon I will be able to get back to sewing.  This is good because DD plans to go into fashion, and is taking a class in basic textiles and design this year.  She hasn’t needed the sewing machine yet, but she might in the next few weeks.

I am trying to figure out a routine so that I can do most of the cooking and shopping.  My DH is often ill and unable to do this, even through he is at home.  I recently picked up a book on freezer cooking, and am trying out the recipes.  The first thing I tried was chicken enchiladas, and boy were they good (easy too).  Of course, DD didn’t like them, which is usual with her.  It often seems that she has decided that it is her job to not like almost anything that I cook.  And if she happens to like what ever it is for a while, at some point she will decide that she doesn’t like it any more.  What a pain.  Well, that’s too bad for her.  She’s going to have to eat what I put on the table or be hungry.  This weekend, I want to make the chicken enchiladas again and put a couple of batches in the freezer.  And I will pick out a second recipe to taste (don’t want to make a 6X batch, only to find that we don’t like it).

There are a few things that I do want to get done in the garden this Fall.

  1. Clean out the garden on the side of the garage, but down a biodegradable weed block and mulch. 
  2. Hack back the jungle of weeds in the back half of the yard.
  3. Plant shallots.
  4. Mulch the veggie gardens.

This Fall and Winter, I hope to make fermented pickles, can LOTS of applesauce, get back to sourdough baking, do a little sewing, and even a little knitting, go to the gym at least 4-times a week, and hopefully get back to Zumba.  Also, I want to get myself and my family into a regular routine.  Summer was fun, but time to get back at it.

And that’s about it.  If you happen to have some good freezer recipes, please send them on.  It would be great to try them out.

I hope that all is well with you!