Dear Gentle Reader,

This may seem silly or stupid, but this is something that has been going on in my life the last few months.  You may be aware that DD is sixteen and wants to have a career in fashion design.  For her, this means that she is very concerned about what she wears, her hair and makeup

Since I am the mom, and I happen to be a girly girl, it has fallen to me to take DD shopping, to the hairdresser, to Sephora, etc.  DD didn’t really know how to apply makeup correctly, so we had a little family Mary Kay party.  We have watched (and discussed) countless miscellaneous Youtube, Makeup Geek, and Michele Phan videos on makeup techniques.  We had the hairdresser wax her eyebrows for the first time.  We purchased pumps (she’s super short).  We coordinated her wardrobe.  We got rid of all of the stained T-shirts from the past few years and repaced them with a few new, non-stained ones.  And so on. 

I have actually had a good time.  I have enjoyed spending this time with DD.  Though, from my perspective, a lot of this has been humerous.  (Very serious for her.  Don’t Laugh!)

I used to wear makeup all of the time.  That is until my life was over-run with stress from graduate school, living and working in San Diego, being layed off in San Diego (2X), and my husband’s continuing illness.  But, now that we have moved to KC and are living with family, my life is not so stressful any more.  I feel better about myself and my life, and I feel like doing some of those things again. 

So, I started wearing makeup again.  And you know what happened between then and now?  I got WRINKLES!  Where did those come from?  I mean, I’m only almost 50….

Actually, I don’t mind the wrinkles themselves.  But I do mind the makeup going into them.  It looks hideous.  Now I am on a quest for makeup that doesn’t go into my wrinkles (and pores) and also does not give me zits.  It’s not too nice having flesh and/or brightly colored lines and dots on your face.

I have recently learned that HD makeup (High-Definition) is THE thing these days.  I guess if your TV is HD, your face had better be too, so you can look good on it.  HD makeup looks lovely, just like on a professional model.  But, it containes a lot of silicones to seal up and fill your pores and lines.  Sort of like spackle.  In fact, certain kinds of HD makeup (like HD primer) is called spackle.  Bet you never thought to spackle your face so you would look good in photos.

For some people, this may be great.  But for me, every time I try it I have at least 10 little white zits by the end of the day.   I don’t really want to do this more than one day, needless to say.  (I don’t think one should have to endure hot flashes and zits at the same time.)   I have tried several organic products, but they often contain essential oils, especially rosemary and mint, to which I am allergic.  Next, I am trying TARTE’s silicone-free primer and a mineral foundation made by Pink Quartz Minerals (the owner makes it in her kitchen and sells it on Etsy).  I hope that it goes well, so I can quit worrying about this.  Lord knows there a plenty of better things to do with my time.  (Why the ?&*# am I doing this anyway?  I think my brain might be stuck.)

DH thinks all of this is rather humerous (which it is).  Also, he thinks this is because I am almost 50.  I don’t really think so, since I feel great.  But maybe a little bit.  Or maybe it’s just fun to be a girly girl again.