Dear Gentle Reader,

Sorry that I haven’t posted much in the last several days.  I strained my back in my ZUMBA class.  So, I have been resting, using the heating pad intermittently, and taking Tylenol.  Ibuprophen would be better, but I am allergic to it now. 

It has been flooding a lot in the last two weeks, due to the heavy rains we keep having.  It poured last night, so much that Indian Creek, which is 1/2 block from us, flooded.  A couple of miles East of us, its level increased 12-feet in 3-hours!  Fortunately, it didn’t do that where we are.  Several roads around town are flooded.  One is even blocked by a mud slide.

We have heavy soil here.  It is totally saturated.  Our basement is flooding.  It sounds like a river is flowing through the basement, to the sump pump.  Thank the Lord above that we bought a new sump pump last week.  The old one died late at night, so we had to have the plumber come in the dark and put a new sump pump in.  It cost a fortune, with the emergency call and all, but I am really glad that we did it.  My DH was up most of the night moving things around in our over-stuffed basement, to keep them out of the way of the streams of water as they flowed from the walls and/or windows to the sump pump.  DH is getting some well-earned sleep this morning.

The back yard is a sloppy mud pit.  Plus it is HOT!  Feels like a sauna, it is so humid.  The mosquitoes are out in force.  Hope no one gets West Nile or Equine encephalitis from that.  I really need to put out some Bt, but it rains almost every day.  So it isn’t really worth it.  I did put some Slugo down in the gardens.  The slugs are everywhere, but the Slugo will hold up to the rain.  But that is really all that I have been able to do lately.

I hope things dry up soon! 🙂