Dear Gentle Reader,

This evening, I went outside to water and check my gardens.  The mosquitoes were out in force!  I have been watering my lasagna garden at least every other day, but usually every day.  It has settled by about 1/2 of its original height, which was expected.   It looks mostly like a pile of leaves.  However, there are little bean sprouts all over it. Horray!  

Royal Velvet Bush Beans

That little yellow ball is one of the immature peaches that fell off of the diseased/infested peach tree we have.  All of the peaches will fall off and rot.  None of them will mature, due to the disease/bugs.  They are all over my raised beds.   

In any case, since this lasagna garden is heavy on the browns (carbon), I plan to chop up the bean plants (after harvest) and fork them back into the  pile.  If I could have, I would have used grass clippings, in addition to the leaves and straw, to build this, but I don’t have any.   This seemed like a good solution, at least partially.  Next year, I will add some balanced, slow release fertilizer.   

Have you tried lasagna gardening?  How did it work out for you? 

Update 6-14-10: Bambi (or maybe Thumper) ate the tops off of all of the plants.  Some of them seem to be getting new leaves, but moste are forlorn looking purple stems.