Dear Gentle Reader,

I tried out a new (for me) bread recipe from Farmgirl Fare, for Susan’s Oatmeal Toasting Bread, and boy was it GOOD! 🙂  I am definately going to make it many more times.   Please go to the link above, for the basic recipe.  Susan likes to use old dough in her recipe, but since I had my sourdough starter I used about a cup of that instead.  The bread did not have a sourdough flavor, since it included regular yeast too.  The regular yeast made the dough rise very fast.  It seemed like in only about an hour or so, the dough was overflowing the bowl it was it (the first rise).

Looking pretty good here.  After I punched the dough down, I divided it into three pieces.   Since I have two small and one large pan, one of the pieces was a little larger than the others.  Next, I kneeded and shaped the dough into logs that fit the pans.  The dough was a little sticky, which probably meant it could have used a little more flour, but it was such a large amount (during the first kneading) that I got as much flour as I could into the dough, but had to stop because I was getting too tired.  Oh well.  After shaping, I placed each log in its respective pan, sprayed it lightly with canola oil spray, and loosely covered it with plastic wrap.  It rose until it looked like this.

The middle small loaf was starting to sag over its sides, so I thought I ought to get them into the oven.  This is how they turned out.

Look at that beautiful crust.  It had a great crust, with a soft, moist crumb. 

Most of the first loaf disappeared the first day, everyone liked it so much.  I had some for breakfast, this morning.  And it toasted up beautifully. 

So, what are some changes I might make.   First, I need to shorten my baking time, or oven temperature, or turn of the convection feature of my oven.  It was a tiny bit overdone.  Second, I used Smart Balance Spread, instead of butter.  I avoid butter, due to a milk fat allergy.  Also, it is good for people who have cholesterol difficulties, like the adults in our family.  Finally, I am going to experiment with using only my sourdough starter to leven this bread.  It will take longer, but it will be a great flavor and texture.

All in all, I recommend that you put Susan’s Oatmeal Toasting Bread on your To-Do list. 🙂