Dear Gentle Reader,

This past weekend was shamefully slow, on the independence days front, at least compared to last week.  Most of our Saturday afternoon was spent at Golden Heartland Alpacas.   It’s about an hour’s drive from here.  My DH had heard from a friend that they were having an open house, and we decided it would be fun.  And it was. 🙂  Here are some of the boys we saw.

1. Plant Something: I didn’t actually get to plant anything this week.  But I did spend a bit of time taking care of everything.  The tomatoes are all blooming now.  I am looking forward to eating them.  I really need to harvest the leeks.  They are very over grown, all with skapes.  The hard neck garlic is putting out skapes too.  So, I really need to cut them off.  I keep thinking that I will cook something with them, like pickle them.  Since I am short on time, maybe the best thing to do would be to simply saute them.  I could freeze some of what I saute, in useful amounts, for future use.
2. Harvest Something: nothing
3. Preserve Something: nothing
4. Waste Not: nothing
5. Want Not: I tried out a new bread recipe from Farmgirl Fare.  It was for oatmeal tosting bread.  It is really delicious, and does make great toast.  This recipe uses “old dough,” so I just used some of my sourdough starter.  Since the recipe also uses regular yeast, it rises very quickly (as compared with just the sourdough starter, which contains a slow-growing yeast), and I was able to make the bread in only a few hours.  It made three lovely loaves.  But, since I have a 30-year old Kitchen Aid mixer (my mom’s), I need to reduce the recipe to only two loaves.  The old Kitchen Aids have bowls that can handle only two loaves-worth of dough.  You can do enough dough for three loaves, but it crawls over the top of the dough hook and gets on the rotary mechanics.  I am definately going to make this again.  I am going to experiment with making it only with sourdough starter.  Since the starter is very slow-rising, I might use 4-cups of it (as opposed to 1-cup), to speed things up.
6. Build Community Food Systems: nothing
7. Eat the Food: nothing