Dear Gentle Reader,

It was a very busy weekend.  As usual, the week days are slow for me, since I have to work.  But the weekends are my favorite time.  This past weekend was lucky for me, since we got an extra day.  I got of Lots done.

1. Plant Something: Tons.  See here.

2. Harvest Something: nothing

3. Preserve Something: nothing again

4. Waste Not: well, I used up an awful lot of old leaves and rotting straw I had lying around to make my new garden bed.  But, nothing else.

5. Want Not: Worked on making more sourdough bread.  I am starting go get a routine, with feeding the starter, and incubating the dough in a warm oven (too speed things up).

6. Build Community Food Systems: nothing

7. Eat the Food: the bread from #5

How did you do?