Well, I took a look at the starts I  planted last weekend.  Most everything is sprouting.  Hooray!  But the corn looks a little funny.

Corn Starts Gone Wild!

Each of these little Jiffy Pellets has one corn start.  They look like the little yellow sticks.  But, they all have roots growing out of them and into the neighbors.  Several of the roots have been pointed out with blue arrows.  Who knew that corn had such big roots?  I probably should have known better, since corn is such a big plant.  I might be in big trouble.  I don’t really want to plant them in muy garden, only to have them die.  I would rather start with new seed.  But, since I don’t have new seed, I guess I will give it a go.  I plan to build the bed this Saturday, using the lasagna method.  It is going to be a three sisters garden.  I guess I’ll cross my fingers.