Sharon Astyk has been writing about Independence Days for a couple of years now. The basic idea is to get better at providing for yourself and your family, because hard times can happen to any one at any time, and also because we need to prepare for increasing prices and/or scarcity of commodities due to peak oil. There are 6 components (or activities) to the Independence Days challenge. Here they are, including what I did this past week.

1. Plant Something:  I planted Fava beans in self-watering containers (SWCs); watered the gardens that I planted a few weeks ago; looked out for emerging seedlings (so far, only radishes, some fava beans, and a couple of beets have come up); repotted some succulents I brought with us from San Diego; cleaned out the bed on the side of the garage; where we grew gourds last year, and reseeded with poppies; pruned roses; cleaned out around blueberry bushes; fertilized indoor seed starts.

Here is a photo of part of my garden. I have four garden boxes, each is 4×6 feet and 24″ tall.

Three Garden Boxes

You can see the composters in the back.  I also have 4 grow bags of potoatoes behind there.  The little pig is from Mexico.  He has mint growing in him.  The pile of dirt is going to be a new raised bed that I am going to build soon, using the lasagna technique.

2. Harvest Something:  I harvested 1 leek from last winter, and used it in tuna salad.

3. Waste Not:  All veggie scraps went into composter, cleaned out winter clothes and gave those I haven’t worn in 2-years to Good Will.

4. Prepare/Want Not:  Nothing this week.

5. Build Community Food Systems:  Nothing this week.

6. Eat the Food:  Ate the leek in tuna salad. Ate locally grown eggs. Ate marmalade that I made last winter.